Brittany & Joey: Murphy-Burroughs House Wedding

The leaves crackled beneath her feet as she made her way up the ramp and Joey began to bite his lip and shift his eyes back and forth. He was a ball of nerves as he was about to see his beautiful bride for the first time. Brittany paused to wave and say hi to their bridal party watching in the window and I could see tears well in his eyes at the sound of her voice. This was the look of true love. She tapped him on the shoulder, he took a deep breath, and turned around to just have his breath taken away.

Brittany and Joey’s wedding was intimate, beautiful, and emotional from beginning to end. There was no doubt these two were head over heels for each other and were so excited to be husband and wife. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their precious family from the beginning when they were expecting Braxton and then again with Brynlee and it was so heartwarming to be a part of their wedding day as well. Brittany will often joke that she had her photographer before she had her groom and that means more to me than she knows. It’s always an honor to be able to capture intimate and precious moments for people. Thank you Brittany and Joey for having me and making me feel like part of the family!

Joey’s father passed away when he was 21 and one of his sisters wrote the most beautiful poem honoring him that brought everyone to tears. She spoke of the man Joey has become and how proud their father is in heaven watching him. Then each of his sisters danced with him and I was just a blubbery mess. I can attest to the fact that Joey is an incredible man, father, and now husband. He has a huge heart and has a way of making people feel instantly at ease around him.

by Julie Jarrell

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